Upon completion of his toolmaking apprenticeship with British Novelties David Robertson founded his own toolmaking business.
The plastics moulding firm, Moulded Plastics, also commenced trading. Its founder was
Alfred Willis, an industrial chemist and a founding member of Australia's first Plastics Institute.
Until 1962 the plastic moulding business operated from Camperdown, an inner western suburb of Sydney, not far from the present premises at Leichhardt.
Evan (Darkie) Morris started with Moulded Plastics, on 3rd March, he became Production Foreman, under Alfred Willis.
"Darkie" worked as Production Manager of the Roblan Moulding Division till his retirement on 6th July 1984.
Robertson and Lansley Pty Limited was incorporated on 26th June as Toolmakers.
With the help of
John Lansley, Harry Butler and Ken Roberts, the company began metal stamping, and was soon manufacturing electrical assemblies, battery chargers, rectifiers, metal toys and midget radio tuning gangs.
Ken Toulmin joined Robertson and Lansley Pty Limited on 5th February. Ken was Chairman of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and Roblan's senior tool designer.
Jack McParland joined Robertson and Lansley Pty Limited on 5th February. Jack was the General Manager and Finance Director of Roblan till his retirement on 15th July 1988.
Robertson and Lansley Pty Limited amalgamated with Moulded Plastics, and diversified into plastic moulding manufacture.