Jim decided to retire on 31st July 2017. He has lived and breathed Roblan for more than forty-eight years. All of his friends at Roblan wish him and Kerrie all the best in his retirement.


Kerrie and Jim, taken in 1967.

Jim commenced with Roblan Pty Ltd as an apprentice toolmaker in December 1968.

On completion of his apprenticeship Jim was appointed Tool Designer of our toolroom, designing compression moulds, press tools, jigs & fixtures, and special purpose machinery.
Over the past ten years Jim has gained experience in Metrology and Mechanical Engineering serving the Plastic and Metal Pressing Divisions.

In 1981 Jim was appointed Production Manager of our Metal Stamping Department, and became Sales Manager of the Metal Pressing Division in 1998.

Jim is a member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. He has travelled the world gaining experience in pressed metal manufacturing. He continues the Roblan tradition: servicing the industry with craftsmen in metal and plastic.